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Sentence Sermons

If God is your partner, make your plans Big!

Faith is like a muscle that grows stronger as it is exercised.

Faith can not grow in an atmosphere of doubt.

No problem is too big for God's power, and no person is too small for God's Love.

God is greater than any problem you have.

Faith opens  the door to the heart of God.

God's mercies are fresh with each new day.

Faith believes in spite of what the eye can see..

Feed your faith. Starve your doubts.

God is not only the great Giver; he is also the great Forgiver.

Jesus' grace is greater than our needs.

Eternity--a hopeless end or an endless hope.

He who kneels before God, can stand before anyone.

Faith is not knowing God is knowing God will.

With trials we grow stronger in faith
With faith we move closer to God.
With God we can do all things.
Keep the Faith

We pray not to change God's mind but to understand his mind. 

A family ALTAR can ALTER a family.

Give God what is right, not what is left.

Having Tooth decay? Brush up on your Bible.


When prayer decays, Revival delays.


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